Partridge Pea - Central, Eastern US Native, Nitrogen Fixing

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Partridge Pea - Central, Eastern US Native, Nitrogen Fixing

$3.00 $3.75 -20% OFF
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Patridge Pea is a widespread native that is found in the Midwest and Eastern US. It prefers dry soils and loves full sun. This is a host plant for many butterflies and attracts birds and pollinators, plus it is cover for beneficial insects. its seed pods are food for mnay songbirds.  It is a workhorse and can help improve soil with each year you allow it to grow and seed out for the next year.  If you are looking for natural solutions for nitrogen fixing, then this is a great option. 

Botanical Names: Chamaecrista fasciculata


  • Annual, Self-seeding
  • Plants grow to 1-3.5 feet tall
  • Yellow blooms
  • Prefers mosit and well draining dry soils, can be growin in clay if not in standing water. 
  • 1 gram or ~110 Seeds per packet 

Instructions - Direct sow when the soil can be worked. If you can cold stratify the seed it will help increase your germination rates substantially. 

  •  Sow 1/4 deep
  • Germination 8-17 days after cold stratifcation

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