Firefly Farm & Mercantile

Who We Are

Our son inspired our farm name. Our very first night here, we camped out in what is now our daughter's room and were amazed at the fireflies. Not just a few fireflies but thousands of fireflies lit up the valley. It was astonishing. Our commitment to be good stewards of the environment was solidified at that very moment. One of my favorite moments to look forward each year is the arrival of the fireflies.

We are just getting started. Our farm is helping to restore one of the rarest chickens in the U.S. - the Barred Holland. We use Karakachan livestock guardian dogs to watch our flocks, herds and guard our plantings. We have laid the groundwork for our heirloom permaculture orchard. We focus on heirloom seeds and bulbs as much as possible. We love natives and are actively restoring native populations to dozens of grass, flower, shrub and tree species. In 2021 we will offer close to 800 garden possibilities.


We want to provide a robust selection of garden bulbs, garden seeds, and good food responsibly.

We raise much of everything we can by organic standards and on pasture. We strive to source organic seed, open-pollinated heirlooms, and bulbs grown in responsible ways. As we grow our offerings, we will always keep our vision of open-pollinated and responsible cultivation top of mind.


To bring the joys of gardening to everyone, anywhere, all the time.

Gardening is as diverse as the creatures in our world. Some of us live on the wild side while others maintain order. There is no one right way to garden. The joy of gardening is not only in the harvests but the journey to get there.



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