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Meet Bonnie & Andre, Firefly Farm & Mercantile owners

Firefly Farm & Mercantile is located on our farm in Cashton, WI. We love to garden and to help others garden. We grow hundreds of flowers, vegetables, and herbs every year. Not only can you shop our seeds, garden bulbs when in season, native plants, peonies, roses, unique perennials and hard to find annuals, you can walk through our gardens too!

Browse over 1500 types of seeds from seed labels we have used and trust. Plus we also have our own seeds that we package too!

Our garden shop is open throughout the year but do check our hours as they change seasonally. Our kids love to explore the gardens but we think the goats and sheep are their favorites!

I (Andre) have over 30 years of gardening experience and love to help answer questions and solve problems. Some of my favorite plants to grow are peonies, roses, milkweeds, tomatoes, potatoes, herbs and more herbs! Bonnie is a younger gardener at heart and loves to keep the beds neat and tidy so you may find her weeding if you stop by.

We sell pastured-raise chickens, lamb and occasionally have beef available. The chickens and lambs are raised on our farm. We never use chemicals and all feed is organic from our local mill in town. We also raise herbs and produce for our local restaurants too.

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Need Garlic?

13 amazing options to choose from, all locally grown on certified organic farms in the Driftless region.

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Natives for all of the U.S.

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