Roselily Lily 'Anouska' (Double Oriental Lily)

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Roselily Lily 'Anouska' (Double Oriental Lily)

$4.99 $6.99 -29% OFF
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Product description

The Roselily Collection is recently introduced. Oriental Lilies are probably the most popular type of lily and the Roselily will keep them as heavy favorites. The fragrant blooms are favorite in summer.  They are dependable bloomers year after year as long as you provide fertilizer or rich compost when you plant them, right after they bloom and early spring. The blooms are favorite in cut vases so make sure you plant some extras.  Our Roselily 'Anouska' Double Oriental Lily will make a great addition garden. 

Since we do not have a picture we can use yet, I will describe it as best I can.  It is a doubel oriental lily that is pink on ther outer edgse of the petals while the rest of the petal is white to very light pink.  It is absolutely gorgeous and we will be planting a bed of these this summer for our family's enjoyment. 

Our bulbs are 5” in circumference ( 16-18cm) which makes them some of the biggest available. 

USDA Zones 3-9

Mid-Summer flowering 

Bloom Duration: 2 weeks

Cold Hardy to Zone 3

Full Sun to Partial Shade

Bloom Color: Pink and White

    Additional Information

    Great for Naturalizing, Mass Planting, Borders, Hummingbirds & Cut Gardens. 

    40-48” tall

      Key Planting Tips

      Plant in full sun to partial shade, 6” inches deep with the tip pointing up. Space each bulb 4-6" apart. Well drained soil is essential. If not planting in early to mid spring, place them in your refrigerator until ready to plant.


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