Aurea Lycoris Spider Lily


Aurea Lycoris Spider Lily

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Product description

Aurea Lycoris Spider Lily

Lycoris or Surprise Lilies as they are affectionately called are so much fun in the garden. The leaves pop up, the leaves die and sometime later, lilies start popping up and you have blooms before you know it. 

They bloom in late summer and the yellow color is a wonderful addition to the garden.


18-28"  tall

USDA Zones 7-10 (Hardy in these zones, some folks have success all the way to Zones 5 for Lycoris).  

Bloom Duration: 2 weeks

Full Sun or Partial Shade

Additional Information

Deer, Rodent, Rabbit and Squirrel Resistant 

Great for Specimen, Mass Plantings, Borders, and Cutting Gardens.

Great for butterflies and other pollinators

Key Planting Tips

Plant in full sun with 2” deep with the pointed end up. Space 2" apart for densely packed displays. 


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