Bearded Iris 'Petalpalooza' (Rebloomer)


Number of Rhizomes

1 (Ships Aug-Nov) 3 (Ships Aug-Nov)

Bearded Iris 'Petalpalooza' (Rebloomer)


Number of Rhizomes

1 (Ships Aug-Nov) 3 (Ships Aug-Nov)
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Product description

New Offering for this season

‘Petalpalooza' Bearded Iris color combination of deep purples and light pinks are fantastic.  They produce a mutlitude of blossoms and habitually rebloom.  They are a wonderful addition to any garden. 

Reblooming Bearded Irises are a gardener’s delight. They produce gorgeous blooms twice a year! Bearded Irises are hardy from Zone 3 all the way to Zone 10.  They do not need a chilling period so they can grow almost anywhere in the United States.  

Bearded Irises are extremely easy and forgiving. It’s not uncommon to hear stories how immigrants would bring these flower with them from their home countries throughout Europe.  If you walk through suburbs and cities, you will start to be able to see the diversity of these species.

USDA Zones 3 – 10

Flowers May to June depending on your zone and then again in August to September

Bloom Duration: 3-4 weeks

Cold Hardy

Full Sun

Additional Information

Deer, Rabbit, & Rodent Resistant

Great for Naturalizing, Borders, Mass Plantings, and Rock Gardens

40” tall

Drought tolerant

Key Planting Tips

Plant in full sun with 1/3 of the rhizome exposed above the soil.  We like to plant ours 18”-30” apart.  They fill in pretty fast.  Do NOT mulch over the rhizome as they like to remain dry and extra mulch increases chances of rot.  We recommended cutting the flower once it blooms to put energy back into the rhizome and the new blooms that will happen later in the summer.

 Ships mid September to mid October. 

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