Big Red Ripper Southern Peas, Cowpeas, 1850's Heirloom, Organic

$3.25 $3.50 -8% OFF

Big Red Ripper Southern Peas, Cowpeas, 1850's Heirloom, Organic

$3.25 $3.50 -8% OFF
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Southern Exposure Seed Exchange - Good flavored table pea with 10 in. pods containing as many as 18 large peas per pod! Use fresh or dried. Reddish-green pods are borne high and are easy to see in the foliage. Resistant to very hot, dry summers. Vigorous, sprawling vines. Very popular with our Texas customers. Small packet has about 66 seeds. 1850's Heirloom

Vigna unguiculata

  • Certified Organic 
  • Heirloom 
  • Especially well-suited to the South-East 
  • 85 seeds

    Instructions - Need warm soil to germinate; sow a month after the last frost. Grow in the same manner as pole beans or along a trellis, sow seeds 3/4 in. deep, 4 in. apart, thinning to 8 in. One planting along a tall trellis will produce well all season. 

    • Easily grown
    • Thrive in hot weather 
    • Tolerant of a wide range of soils 

    FlavorThe flavor is similar to southern peas but with a drier, nutty quality. Sweet and mild, resembling the combined flavor of asparagus, mushrooms, and beans. Braid or tie into knots before cooking. The young leaves and stems are also edible. 

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