Blue Lake Bush Snap Bean, Organic

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Blue Lake Bush Snap Bean, Organic

$3.25 $3.75 -14% OFF
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Product description

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange - A vigorous bush-producing round straight pods with fine flavor. Prolific. Resistant to bean mosaic virus. 15-18 in. plant with mostly stringless 6-8 in. pods. Excellent for freezing or canning. 

  • Certified Organic 
  • Heirloom 
  • Especially well-suited to the South-East, popular from coast to coast.
  • Snap Bean
  • 1 oz, ~50 seeds

    Instructions - Peppering seeds with inoculants before sowing helps ensure good growth. Beans may benefit from a source of soluble nitrogen (if your soil is low in nitrogen) during the first 3 weeks until nitrogen-fixing nodules develop, but do not apply nitrogen after this period. Dark-seeded beans are more resistant to rotting in cool soil than light-seeded beans. Beans need a minimum soil temperature of 65 degrees F to germinate well, otherwise, seeds may rot. Plant every 3 weeks for a steady supply. For snap beans, pick before seeds fill the pods. Keep well picked so that plants continue to bear. 

    • Well-drained garden soil; do best in soils with pH above 6.0. 
    • After the last frost, plant seeds 1 in. deep
    • Plant 2 in. apart 
    • Rows: 12-18 in. apart 
    • Thinning: 4 in. apart 
    • Avoid watering the plants in the evening. 
    • Mulch plants to prevent rain from splashing dirt on beans. 

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