Bowling Red Okra, Organic Heirloom Seeds

$3.25 $3.75 -14% OFF

Bowling Red Okra, Organic Heirloom Seeds

$3.25 $3.75 -14% OFF
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Southern Exposure Seed Exchange - 57 days. Grown by the Bowling family of Virginia since the 1920s. Early, productive, and beautiful - one of the best okras in the Kerr Center’s trial of 30 heirloom varieties. Long, slim, tender red pods. 7-8 ft. plants have red stems and red-veined leaves.


  • Organic
  • Plants grow to 7-8 feet tall
  • Pods are red
  • Pods grow to 9-12 inches long
  • 47 days
  • 4g, 80- 100 Seeds per packet 

    Instructions - Sow seeds outdoors when the soil has warmed. Tolerant of heat and drought, but not of cold. Keep well picked for higher yields.

    Direct Seed 2" apart

    Plant 1/2" deep

    Thin 6-8" apart

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