Brilliant Canna, Dwarf Green-leaf Canna


Brilliant Canna, Dwarf Green-leaf Canna

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Product description

These are growing in our cutting gardens and we can ship starting in October 2023! Reserve yours today!

Brilliant is a beautiful canna that brings you endless blooms.  Dwarf cannas bloom more quickly than taller cannas.  

The 'Brilliant 'Canna blooms are bright red. The blooms sit atop lush green foliage.  They are care free and are not bothered by deer, rabbits or other rodents. 

Cannas reward you with lush tropical foliage and standout blooms within a very short time period. Cannas are tropical bulbs and will need to be lifted in zones colder than Zone 8. They are easy to store and will bring your years of enjoyment. Cut the flowers for show stopping arrangements as this will help encourage blooms until frost. Canna bulbs are #1 size bulbs, some of the biggest on the market.


24-36" tall

USDA Zones 8-11 (Hardy in these zones, lift and store in winter in other zones)

Summer to Fall

Bloom Duration: Continuous Blooms through frost starting in mid to late summer

Full Sun (some partial shade is ok)

Additional Information

Deer, Rodent, Rabbit and Squirrel Resistant 

Great for Specimen, Mass Plantings, Borders, and Cutting Gardens.

Great for butterflies and other pollinators

Ships starting late March (weather dependent)

Key Planting Tips

Plant in full sun with 6” deep. Space 2' apart. Plant when the soil is 60 degrees, well past any frost danger.


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