Cinnamon Basil, Organic


Cinnamon Basil, Organic

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Product description

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange - Has a spicy cinnamon fragrance. Use as a tea or potpourri. Or use it like sweet basil for a unique twist. 


  • Organic, non-GMO
  • Tea
  • Open-Pollinated 
  • Pkt (0.25 g, ~240 seeds)

Instructions - Basil is a tender annual that prefers warm weather and rich soil. It is a popular culinary herb, cut flower, and can be used as a medicinal herb to calm the stomach. Basil needs well-drained but moist soil that is highly fertile. It is not drought tolerant, so even moisture levels are important for healthy growth. Start transplants indoors 6 weeks prior to planting out, or direct seed mid-spring through late summer. Basil is very sensitive to cold; use a row cover to extend the season. Pinch buds to encourage branching and leaf production. 

  • Plant 1/4" deep. Transplanting is recommended; if direct seeding, sow 2-3 seeds per inch and thin to 4-8" apart. 
  • Plant Spacing: Transplanting at 4-8" is recommended; if direct seeding, sow 2-3 seeds per inch and thin to 4-8" apart. 
  • Row Spacing: 18" 

Harvest & StorageHarvest can begin once plants have become established, by pinching or cutting branches but leaving the plant to continue to produce leaves. A harvest of the full plant should be completed just before the plant starts to flower (flavor is significantly impacted once flowering occurs). Cut the entire plant 4-6" above the ground to promote a second growth. Store unwashed at room temperature to avoid browning. Do not store below 50°F. 

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