Creeping Thyme


Creeping Thyme

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Renee's Garden - Related to Mother of Thyme, this easy to grow, cultivated strain of wild French thyme forms a 3 to 5 inch tall carpet of shiny little dark green, rounded leaves. When crushed, the pretty leaves release a light aromatic thyme perfume with just a hint of citrus. These low growing, perennial herb plants fill in over time to make a scented herbal carpet. Use as a verdant ground cover, between stepping stones or rock crevices, and to edge garden beds.  (Thymus serpyllum)


  • Plants grow to 8-12 inches
  • Tiny, green leaves grow on woody stems
  • Pkt 0.15 g, ~1000 seeds

Instructions - Sow seeds indoors on surface of soil. Transplant outdoors after danger of frost has passed. After first year cut plants back each spring to renew them and keep them tidy. Plants prefer well-drained dry soil.

  • Sow 6-8 weeks before the last frost
  • Germination 10-20 days
  • Plant 6-12 apart

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