'Deep Impact' Dahlia (Decorative or Semi-Dinnerplate)


Tubers per Pack

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'Deep Impact' Dahlia (Decorative or Semi-Dinnerplate)


Tubers per Pack

1 2 3
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Product description

'Deep Impact' Dahlias deep gold blossums rival even in the sun. They will brighten up any planting bed and bring smiles to anyone lucky enough to walk by. We provide them in #1 clumps so you get the best product available.

Dahlias reward gardeners with an abundance of blooms starting in mid to late summer through frost.  Typically they are not bothered by diseases and have attractive foliage until frost. 

You can also use in a container. Simply pinch back the shoots after about 3-4 weeks to encourage branching. 


  • 32-40” tall (Many people pinch back to encourage a bushier, shorter plant)
  • Blooms are 2-4” wide
  • USDA Zones 8-10 (Hardy in these zones, lift and store in winter in other zones)
  • Summer to Fall
  • Bloom Duration: Continuous Blooms through frost starting in mid to late summer
  • Full Sun to Partial Shade

Additional Information

Great for Mass Plantings, Borders, and Cutting Gardens.

Great for butterflies and other pollinators

Ships starting in mid to late March

Key Planting Tips

Plant in full sun crown 1-2” below the soil.  Space ball dahlias about 2’ apart from any neighbor. Plant when the soil is 60 degrees, well past any frost danger.

Dahlias love soil that is close to neutral and do well in slightly acidic or slightly alkaline soils.You can amend soil with 10-10-10 or something similar. Just make sure the first number (nitrogen) is 5 or 10. You can fertilize every 4 weeks to help achieve large blossoms.

Don’t water until the Dahlia sprouts. If your soil is very dry, water the soil first and then let it stand for 30 minutes before planting. Mulch around your plant leaving bare dirt directly above the tuber.

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