French Flounce Poppy, Heirloom Carnation Poppies


French Flounce Poppy, Heirloom Carnation Poppies

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Breathtaking - Poppy lovers will rejoice in this gorgeous mix of tall, antique, double-flowering varieties we import from a fine old French firm. The Carnation or Feather Poppy has deeply cut, fringed 4 inch blossoms. The Peony Flowering Poppy, like its namesake, opens into huge glamorous poufs of softly ruffled petals. The graceful stems with nodding buds unfurl and glow in shades of scarlet, pink, salmon, violet, purple, deep red and white. Grow these statuesque flowers for unparalleled late spring beauty on. Papaver paeoniflorum & laciniatum


  • Fringed Pink Blossoms
  • Frost hardy
  • Re-seeding annual 
  • Loves rich garden soil
  • 3-5' tall
  • 1 gram (~700 seeds)

Instructions - Sow seeds directly into a finely textured garden bed in full sun as early in spring as ground can be worked. To help space the fine seeds, mix with dry sand before sowing. Cover very lightly with fine soil and keep seed bed moist as seedlings emerge over 7 to 14 days Poppies can be started indoors as transplants but direct seeding is best and HIGHLY Recommended

  • Direct Seed 1/4" deep
  • Germination 10-15 days
  • Thin 8-10" apart

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