Giant Allium 'Mt. Everest'


Number of Bulbs

1 5 10 25 50

Giant Allium 'Mt. Everest'


Number of Bulbs

1 5 10 25 50
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Product description

Giant Allium 'Globemaster'

Massive White globe blooms that are 8-10" in size will stop you in your tracks. Plant a few for a thoughtful impact or go all out with a mass planting to make a bold statement. Our giant allium bulbs are 20cm+ in size. This ensures great blossoms. 

USDA Zones 4-8

Blooms Late Spring to Early Summer

Bloom Duration: 2-4 weeks

Cold Hardy to Zone 4

Full Sun

Additional Information

Deer, Rabbit, & Rodent Resistant

Beloved by pollinators

Great for Naturalizing, Borders, Mass Plantings, and Rock Gardens

40” tall

Drought tolerant

Key Planting Tips

Plant in full sun.  Space the bulbs about 8" apart. They do need about 6 weeks of cold much like tulips.  Alliums do like the soil ph to be between 6-7 to be at their best. If you soil is a little high, simply add some acidic feed to the soil. 

Ships mid September to mid October. Your selections will be from the previous summer’s crop. 

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