Hoary Vervain - Native

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Hoary Vervain - Native

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Hoary Vervain is a beautiful native that thrives in woodland edges, prairies with rich and loam or in most gardens.  Hoary Vervain is a perennial that reseeds itself as it is short-lived and lives for four or five years.  This is the host plant for the Common Buckeye Butterfly. Wildlife such as birds, butterflies and bees are attracted to it while deer do not bother it much. It is native to much of the United States.  USDA Zones 4-8. grows to 2-4'

 Botanical name: Verbena Stricta


  • Perennial and hardy to zone 4
  • Plants grow to 4' tall
  • Prefersmost and rich soils
  • Blooms in July through September 
  • Host plant for Common Buckeye Butterfly
  • 1/2 gram, ~500 eeds per packet 

Instructions - Sow seeds indoors in flats 1/4" deep, moisten the soil, cover with plastic, and refrigerate for 30 days. Thereafter, provide light and 50-75°F. This moist stratification is not absolutely necessary but will help to increase germination.  Alternatively sow before frosts end in late winter or early spring, or sow in late fall.  

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