Kids' Playin' in the Dirt Seed Kit Collection

$19.95 $23.95 -17% OFF

Kids' Playin' in the Dirt Seed Kit Collection

$19.95 $23.95 -17% OFF
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Product description

Our Kids' Playin' in the Dirt Seed Kit Collection includes the 7 of the easiest and tastiest veggies and flowers for kids.  This kit can also be for first time gardeners as well. It is suitable for garden beds or even containers. Your kids will love seeing their hard work payoff. Pretty soon your kids will be asking for more. 

It includes one seed packet of each type of veggie listed.  Let us know if the seeds will be grown in a different zone as we match seeds to the climate zone of where it is shipping. 

  • Sugar Snap Peas (no trellis needed) - kids love harvesting these sweet treats
  • Lettuce - you will receive a variety that will thrive in the season you are in
  • Green Beans (no trellis needed)
  • Radishes - Kids love how fast they can harvest these
  • Carrots - Your kids will love to harvest 
  • Seasonal Flowers - You will receive 2 packs of flowers based on the zone and time of year of your order. 
  • Plus some popsicle sticks to mark your garden. 

Picture shown is representative of what your order will receive.

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