Leadplant - Entire Central U.S. Native, Nitrogen Fixing

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Leadplant - Entire Central U.S. Native, Nitrogen Fixing

$3.00 $3.75 -20% OFF
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Leadplant - Plants like Leadplant are amazingly beneficial in your gardens and beds. It looks great, is functional by adding nitrogen back to your soil and is a pollinatore and butterfly magent while in blooms. If you are looking for natural solutions for nitrogen fixing, then this is a great option. The silvery leaves add a contrast color to your gardens. Its roots also go deeper than 12' making it ideal for drought situations and erosion control. 

Botanical Names: Amorahpa canescens


  • Annual, Self-seeding
  • Plants grow to 2-3.5 feet tall
  • Purple blooms
  • It tolerates and grows in almost any soil except standing water. 
  • 1 gram or ~350 Seeds per packet 
Instructions - For increased germination, Leadplant seed should be stratified and scarified. Pour ~180 degrees F water over the seed, let it soak it overnight, and direct sowing it in the fall. If sowing in spring then mix the seed with sand sand and place it in the refrigerator for at least 4 weeks, 6 is best. Soak it overnight and direct sow after the last frost. Alternatively, start the seed indoors, sow it just below the surface of a flat; keep the soil evenly moist and around 70 degrees F. Germination should take place within 20-30 days.
  •  Sow 1/12 deep (need slight to germinate)
  • Germination 20-30 days after cold stratifcation

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