Lettuce Flashy Trout Back, Organic, 1700's Heirloom

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Lettuce Flashy Trout Back, Organic, 1700's Heirloom

$3.75 $4.39 -15% OFF
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Product description

Renee's Garden - Leaves of this great tasting, handsome heirloom are lavishly splashed with wine-red against a bright green background and their pretty speckled appearance begins right at the seedling stage. 

Also known as Forellenschuss or Trout Speckles, this variety has been around since 1700's. It is a romaine or cos type lettuce. 


  • Organic
  • Heirloom 
  • Great in containers 
  • Buttery green leaves with wine-red speckles & streaks 

    Instructions - In cool early spring weather, start seeds in finely worked soil in full sun. Sow 1/4 inch deep and 2 inches apart in rows 6 to 8 inches apart and cover lightly. Tend carefully and keep evenly moist. Gradually thin out extra seedlings, leaving remaining plants standing 10 to 12 inches apart so lettuces have room to size up and fully mature into leafy butterhead rosettes. For a constant supply, make several sowings a few weeks apart until the summer weather turns hot. Plant again in late summer for fall harvest. Lettuce thrives in cool conditions with consistent moisture. Weed, water, and be sure to thin carefully to proper spacing so plants have room to mature. Harvest plants by cutting mature heads when they feel firm and well-filled out. Be sure to thin properly and keep evenly moist for sweet-tasting, full heads.

    • Plant In: March-June / August-September 
    • Sun 
    • Plant 1/4" deep 
    • Space seeds 2" apart 
    • 7-14 days to germinate 
    • 50 days to harvest 

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