'Magic Star' Double Oriental Lily

$8.99 $10.99 -19% OFF

'Magic Star' Double Oriental Lily

$8.99 $10.99 -19% OFF
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Product description

The Magic Star is a dazzling blossom of pink and white.  It is beautiful blossom and it will be in a new addition to our garden this year. 

A Double Oriental Lily are so unique that most gardeners have yet to see one in person. They are a newer breed of lilies that will captivate any garden guest.  They are pollenless so are ideal for vases. 

Our bulbs are 5” in circumference ( 16-18cm) which makes them some of the biggest available. 

Our picture shows a pack of 2 bulbs, which is an option, but we also sell them individually as well. 

USDA Zones 3-9

Mid-Summer flowering 

Bloom Duration: 2 weeks

Cold Hardy to Zone 3

Full Sun to Partial Shade

Bloom Color: Red & Pink and White

    Additional Information

    Great for Naturalizing, Mass Planting, Borders, Hummingbirds & Cut Gardens. 

    36-38” tall

      Key Planting Tips

      Plant in full sun to partial shade, 6” inches deep with the tip pointing up. Space each bulb 4-6" apart. Well drained soil is essential. If not planting in early to mid spring, place them in your refrigerator until ready to plant.


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