Maxibel Haricot Vert Bush Bean, Organic

$3.25 $3.50 -8% OFF

Maxibel Haricot Vert Bush Bean, Organic

$3.25 $3.50 -8% OFF
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Product description

High Mowing Organic Seeds - Unsurpassed French filet bean for gourmet markets.

Known for its long, slender, medium-green pods with a delicate tender texture. Heavy producer of 6-8" beans on good-sized plants. Maxibel will keep you loaded with fresh beans; pick frequently for optimal tenderness and yields. Some plants have runners. Speckled brown seeds.


  • Organic, non-GMO, and open-pollinated 
  • Large plants 
  • Tender 6-8" pods 
  • French Filet Bush 
  • High-disease resistance 
  • 1 oz of seeds

Instructions - Beans only require average fertility and prefer pH in the 6.0 - 6.8 range. Choose well-drained, warm soils and use inoculants to increase yields where natural Rhizobia populations are low. The optimal soil temperature for germination is 75-95°F. Beans are particularly sensitive to cool soils and are prone to rot if temperatures are below 55°F. Harvest early and often to increase yields. Remove oversized beans to maintain pod production. Beans are ready for storage when the seed coat can not be dented by a fingernail. Store beans in a cool dry place. 

  • Sow 1-2" Deep
  • Space 6" apart in rows; use single or double rows with 12" between, and 4' center beds with trellis in the middle 
  • Days to maturity are from direct seeding after all danger of frost has passed 

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