Mexican Tulip Poppy, Giant Golden Cups - Heirloom Butterfly Poppy


Mexican Tulip Poppy, Giant Golden Cups - Heirloom Butterfly Poppy

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Mexican Tulip Poppy - Also called Giant Golden Cups, this wonderful poppy-like heirloom offers delicate 3 inch flower cups that glisten in the sun and resemble satiny butter yellow tulips. Plants grow1 1/2 to 2 feet tall with finely cut, blue-green foliage. Flowers have straight stems and are perfect for long lasting fresh bouquets. Mexican Tulip Poppies are lovely planted in groups or drifts where their eye-catching silky yellow flowers provide pools of glowing color. Hunnemannia fumarifolia


  • Yellow Blossoms
  • Re-seeding annual 
  • Tolerates poor soil 
  • 1-2' tall
  • .65 grams (~130 seeds)

Instructions - This poppy like flower is a hardy annual preferring full sun, well-drained sandy soil. It will do well in poor soils so do not fertilize.  Direct seed in fall for early summer blooms in zones 7-10, plant in spring for late summer blooms in all zones. The plant will be reseeded, but it is also helpful to gather some seeds to replant next year. Poppies can be started indoors as transplants but direct seeding is best and HIGHLY Recommended

  • Direct Seed 1/4" deep
  • Germination 10-15 days
  • Thin 8-10" apart

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