Micro Garden Collection, Organic

$21.95 $24.95 -13% OFF

Micro Garden Collection, Organic

$21.95 $24.95 -13% OFF
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Out of Stock - The Micro-Garden is ideal for the small spaces such as balconies, window boxes, and other tiny spaces. 

Includes 7 heirloom, certified organic and non-GMO vegetable varieties and a Garden Space Utilization Plan!

All seed packets are individually packaged.

Collection includes:

  • Organic Moskvich Tomato, heirloom 

  • Organic Genovese Basil, (The preferred basil for pesto, sweet with a slight spicy note)

  • Organic Merveille des Quatre Saisons Lettuce, pre-1885 heirloom

  • Organic Bull's Blood Beet, circa 1840 heirloom

  • Organic Chantenay Carrot, heirloom

  • Organic Bloomsdale Spinach, early 1800's heirloom

  • Organic Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash, early 1800's heirloom

* There may be some substitutions when necessary.

The picture is not representative of the varieties selected.

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