Night Rider Lily, (Orientpet or OT Hybrid Lily) 3 bulbs

$12.95 $15.99 -20% OFF

Night Rider Lily, (Orientpet or OT Hybrid Lily) 3 bulbs

$12.95 $15.99 -20% OFF
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Product description

Night Rider Lilies almost black blooms are winderful contrasts to the light colored lilies and other common perennials.  They are striking when bunched en masse or as placed as specimens in a thoughtful location. Orientpets are super hardy and super productive lilies.  

Our bulbs are 5” in circumference ( 12-14 cm) which makes them some of the biggest available. 

Oreintpet or OT Hyprids are crosses between Oriental and Trumpet lilies. 

  • USDA Zones 4-9  (Zone 3 with heavy mulch)
  • Mid-Summer flowering 
  • Bloom Duration: 3 weeks
  • Cold Hardy
  • Full Sun
  • Bloom Color: Almost Black

    Additional Information

    • Great for Naturalizing, Mass Planting, Borders, & Cut Gardens. 
    • 48" tall

      Ships starting in Mid-March

      Key Planting Tips

      Plant in full sun to partial shade, 6” inches deep with the tip pointing up. Space each bulb 4-6" apart. Well drained soil is essential. 

      Lilies have everything they need to get started, but you can place a teaspoon of bone meal in the soil before planting and use a low nitrogen fertilizer when the first leaves appear in Spring.


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