New York Early Onion, Long Day, Organic

$3.25 $3.75 -14% OFF

New York Early Onion, Long Day, Organic

$3.25 $3.75 -14% OFF
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Product description

An early and dependable yellow onion was selected to store until spring!

High Mowing Organic Seeds - Medium-sized round bulbs with attractive warm brown skin and white flesh mild enough to eat raw all winter. Milder and more tender than most yellow onions, but equally reliable in storage. Developed for direct seeding in the rich muck soils of Orange County, NY; further selected by Johnny's Selected Seeds.


  • Organic, non-GMO, and open-pollinated 
  • Long to intermediate day
  • Stores well
  • 3-4" bulbs
  • 98 days 

Instructions - Onions (Allium cepa) are cool-season biennials. Onions started from seed store better than sets, but mature later. Onions prefer soils rich in organic matter that are well-drained. Best results come from selecting a bed with the least weed pressure possible. 

  • Sow 1/8-1/4" deep
  • Plant Spacing: Medium size onions 3-4”, for large onions 4-6”, for sweet onions 4”
  • Row Spacing: 18-30" 
  • Grow Rows 12" apart

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