Picnic Watermelon, Organic

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Picnic Watermelon, Organic

$3.45 $3.95 -13% OFF
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Product description

The Seed Savers Exchange - A midseason variety bred by Asgrow Seed Company and introduced in 1972. Peacock-type with uniform, mildly sweet pink flesh, and hard rind. Resistant to fusarium wilt. Well-suited for shipping. 95 days. 


  • Organic
  • Oval fruits have a very hard rind
  • Grows well in most regions of the United States
  • Resistant to fusarium wilt
  • Well suited for shipping
  • 25 seeds 

Instructions - Sow seeds outdoors in 12" diameter hills after danger of frost has passed and soil has warmed. Space hills 8' apart in all directions. Seeds will germinate in 4-10 days. Can also be started indoors 4 weeks before transplanting out. Watermelons love heat and prefer sandy or light-textured soils. 

Plant 1/2" deep

Hill 6-8 seeds together

Thin to 3-4 plants

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