SS 141 Snap Pea (30" Height), Organic

$3.25 $3.55 -9% OFF

SS 141 Snap Pea (30" Height), Organic

$3.25 $3.55 -9% OFF
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Product description

High Mowing Organic - Heirlooms have to start sometime and maybe this is one that the next generation will be calling this one an heirloom. An exciting release for sugar snap pea fans.

SS 141 is a compact plant of 3.5' vines that forms a heavy set of extra-long, extra tasty pods that ripen within a short window. From our friends at PureLine Seeds, this strongly improved snap pea offers very high yield potential. Suitable for multiple succession plantings.

  • Organic & Open-pollinated
  • Vines grow to 36" inches
  • Pods best eaten when small
  • Harvest often to encourage production
  • Trellis or provide support
  • Edible podded pea
  • 65-70 days
  • ~100-140 of Seeds (1 oz)

    Instructions - Peas thrive in cool weather. Sow seeds outdoors as soon as soil can be worked in spring. Seeds will germinate in 7-14 days. Double rows of peas can be planted on each side of a trellis.

    Direct Seed 2" apart

    Plant 1/2" deep

    Plant Rows 24" apart

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