Parrot Tulip 'Avignon Parrot' Tulip Bulbs (Parrot Tulips)

$8.99 $9.99 -11% OFF

Number of Bulbs

5 25 50 100

Parrot Tulip 'Avignon Parrot' Tulip Bulbs (Parrot Tulips)

$8.99 $9.99 -11% OFF

Number of Bulbs

5 25 50 100
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Product description

Avignon Parrot Tulip sports lovely hues of reds, oranges and some creams to give you a warm and inviting flower. They are wonderful when paired with blues and deep purples. Parrot Tulips are in a world of their own - they have wild forms paired with gorgeous colors. This is what makes them so riveting in arrangements.  Our picture has Brisbane Tulips (fuller double) picture as well as Persica Fritillary.

Parrot tulips should be protected from wind and heavy rains. The extra work in placing these are worth it.  Parrots are excellent for forcing. It is recommended you plant the parrot tulips in pots and then chill vs chilling in the cooler then planting. The reason is this makes the tuber root in and create stronger blooms.

Our bulbs are close to 5” in circumference ( 11/12 cm) which makes them some of the biggest you can purchase and are sourced from Holland.

  • USDA Zones 3 – 7 (they can be planted in warm climates if given a chill period)
  • Mid to Late-season flowering 
  • Bloom Duration: 3 weeks
  • Cold Hardy
  • Full Sun

Additional Information

  • Great for Bouquets, arrangements
  • 24” tall

Key Planting Tips

Plant in full sun, 6” inches deep with the tip pointing up. Space each bulb 4-6” apart. They will tolerate some shade.

Tulips have everything they need to get started, but you can place a teaspoon of bone meal in the soil before planting and use a low nitrogen fertilizer when the first leaves appear in Spring.

Our bulbs will ship to you in mid September to mid October. 

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