Saltwort, Traditional Japanese Herb


Saltwort, Traditional Japanese Herb

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Saltwort is a native found in the salt marshes of Japan but adapts well to any garden.  The leaves are crunchy and are irresistible.  Okahijiki is how this is referred to in Japan. It can be eaten in salads, steamed or even eaten as a microgreen. It is highly nutrious.  Salsola komarovii


  • Japanese Culinary Herb
  • 200 Seeds
  • Firefly Farm & Mercantile Packet
  • 15 days for microgreens and 50 days for mature planting

Instructions -Sow directly in spring to summer.  Sow to a depth of 1/8" to 1/4" and place 1 seed every inch or so and rows should spaced 12-18". No thinning is needed. 

  • Sow 1/8" deep
  • Germination 5-14 days

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