Scarlet Runner Bean, pre-1750 Heirloom

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Scarlet Runner Bean, pre-1750 Heirloom

$3.75 $4.00 -7% OFF
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The Living Seed Company-  This heirloom variety dates back to as early as 1750 in the seed trade and much earlier as a Native crop. A versatile plant that offers use in every stage of its life. Traditionally cultivated for the rich tasting dry bean, this unique-looking variety is also enjoyed young as a snap bean or shelled. The seeds begin green, slowly turn bright pink, then specked dark red as they mature. The Scarlet Runner is also commonly grown for its beautiful brilliant red ornamental and edible flowers that bloom throughout the summer; a favorite among hummingbirds, butterflies, chefs, and gardeners alike. Picking the flowers for use promotes continual flowering. 65 days


  • Pole bean
  • Great flavor
  • Vines grow 12 feet
  • Snap bean when young
  • 65 days
  • 20 seeds per packet 

Instructions - Sow seeds outdoors after the danger of frost has passed and soil and air temperatures have warmed. Harvest frequently for increased yields. Or leave on for a dried bean or shell bean.

Direct Seed 4"-8" apart

Planting Depth 1-1.5"

Rows Trellis, Support

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