Southern Giant Curled Mustard Greens, Heirloom

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Southern Giant Curled Mustard Greens, Heirloom

$3.45 $3.95 -13% OFF
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Product description

Southern Giant Curled Mustard Greens - 45 days. Pre-1880, An old Southern favorite. Leaves are large, bright green, with attractively curled leaf edges. This variety is used for late sowings, has cold tolerance, and good bolting resistance.


  • Mild flavor
  • Plants reach 20-25" tall and 16-18" wide
  • 2 grams or ~1000 seeds per packet 

Instructions - You can directly seed your mustards into the ground, placing 3 seeds every 8 inches. Plant them 3 months before your first frost in rows 18-30 inches apart. The seeds should be planted 1/4-1/2 inches deep. As they grow, thin them to 1 plant every 8-10 inches. Mustards may bolt early if planted in the spring. 

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