Doll Babies, Icebox, Watermelon, Organic

$3.75 $4.39 -15% OFF

Doll Babies, Icebox, Watermelon, Organic

$3.75 $4.39 -15% OFF
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Renee's Garden - Our mix of small, crispy-sweet, heirloom “ice box” watermelons with either pinky-red or yellow flesh. Vines are strong growers, with tough and crack-resistant rinds. 


  • Organic
  • Heirloom 
  • Good in containers 
  • Crisp, pink, red, or yellow flesh 
  • 45 Seeds

    Instructions - Melons need full sun, rich soil, and warm temperatures. Plant only when the weather is warm and nights stay above 50°F. Make slightly rounded hills 2 feet in diameter and 5 feet apart. Sow 5 or 6 seeds 1 inch deep and 4 inches apart in a small circle in top of each hill. When seedlings have several sets of leaves, be sure to thin them out, leaving only the 3 strongest plants to grow and mature in each hill. No more than several weeks before the last frost date, sow seeds in individual pots of seed starting mix. Keep warm and moist, and provide a strong light source until the weather warms enough to transplant outdoors. Pick melons when the tendril closest to the fruit turns brown, and the light patch on the bottom of the melon changes from cream to tan. Watermelons keep well in the refrigerator, even after being cut open. 

    Growing Notes: Amend soil well with aged manure or compost. If summers are short or cool, put down black plastic to retain heat, then plant it into holes made in plastic. Where insects are a problem, cover seedlings with floating row covers to exclude them, removing them when plants blossom. Keep young vines well watered and fed, tapering off as fruits ripen up for the best sweet flavor.

    • Plant in April-June 
    • Full Sun 
    • Plant 1" deep 
    • Hills: 4" apart
    • 7-10 days to germinate 
    • 69-80 days to harvest 

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