Window Box Mini Basil


Window Box Mini Basil

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Renee's Garden Seeds - (Ocimum basilicum) Neat, compact and richly aromatic, our miniature basil is imported from Italy where you’ll see it often in window boxes and containers or edging herb beds. The charming 8 to 10 inch plants grow into rounded, umbrella shapes with tiny bright green leaves just 1/2 inch long. Snip small clusters of the deliciously scented leaves to enjoy in everyday cooking. These sweetly fragrant little basil plants hold longer than their bigger cousins and are beautifully ornamental in the garden.


  • Non-GMO, and open-pollinated 
  • Small Garden, Containers
  • Extremely uniform 
  • Pkt 600 Seeds, 1 gram

Instructions - Basil is a tender annual that prefers warm weather and rich soil. It is a popular culinary herb, cut flower, and can be used as a medicinal herb to calm the stomach. Basil needs well-drained but moist soil that is highly fertile. It is not drought tolerant, so even moisture levels are important for healthy growth. Start transplants indoors 6 weeks prior to planting out, or direct seed mid-spring through late summer. Basil is very sensitive to cold; use a row cover to extend the season. Pinch buds to encourage branching and leaf production. 

  • Plant 1/4" deep. Transplanting is recommended; if direct seeding, sow 2-3 seeds per inch and thin to 4-8" apart. 
  • Plant Spacing: Transplanting at 4-8" is recommended; if direct seeding, sow 2-3 seeds per inch and thin to 4-8" apart. 
  • Row Spacing: 18" 

Harvest & StorageHarvest can begin once plants have become established, by pinching or cutting branches but leaving the plant to continue to produce leaves. A harvest of the full plant should be completed just before the plant starts to flower (flavor is significantly impacted once flowering occurs). Cut the entire plant 4-6" above the ground to promote a second growth. Store unwashed at room temperature to avoid browning. Do not store below 50°F. 

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