Anemone Coronaria 'De Caen Mixture'

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Anemone Coronaria 'De Caen Mixture'

$9.99 $11.99 -17% OFF
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Anemone Coronaria 'De Caen Mixture'

Anemones are very rewarding in the garden for their long blooming period in Spring. They make excellent cut flowers lasting up to 10 days, for this reason they are hit with florists. 

USDA Zones 7-11

Starts in mid-spring when established. They will bloom with 90 days of planting their first year.

Bloom Duration: up to 10 weeks

Cold Hardy

Full Sun to Full Shade

Bloom Color: Reds, Pinks, Whites, Purples, Blues

    Additional Information

    Great for Naturalizing, Mass Planting, Borders, or Cut Gardens

    10” tall

      Key Planting Tips

      Soak the corns so that they almost double in size.  I like to leave he water on a slight trickle to encourage oxygen in the water. Plant in full sun to full shade, 3" inches deep. Space each bulb 4-6" apart.  Water deeply the first time and then do not water until leaves break the surface. 

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