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Narcissi Double 'Cheerfulness' Daffodil (Midseason Flowering) Narcissi Double 'Cheerfulness' Daffodil (Midseason Flowering) PreOrder

Narcissi Double 'Cheerfulness' Daffodil (Midseason Flowering)


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I am not sure what is to love more about daffodils – their ease to grow or their joyous blooms.  Double daffodils are stunning in the garden or a vase.  They will multiply and naturalize in your garden areas. Cheerfulness is white with a yellow and white filled center.   Nothing eats the bulbs or the flowers so you can plant them anywhere and not have to worry about protecting them from deer or rabbits. USDA Zones 2 – 9 Mid-season flowering (late March to early May) Bloom Duration: 3 weeks Cold Hardy Full Sun Performs well in the South...



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