The Three Sisters - Traditional $8.95 $9.75
The Three Sisters is based on a Native American farming technique.  The techniques vary but what remains constant is the tradition of planting Corn, Beans and Squash together.  The corn is planted first, followed by the beans and squash in a few weeks. The corn provides a stalk for the beans to grow up on, while the beans provide nitrogen to the corn and squash, and the squash provides a protective border and some shade for the roots and helps to retain moisture.  We combine our Butternut Squash, Golden Bantam Corn, and a Pole Bean.  Play around with any combination you like.  Firefly Farm & Mercantile may substitute based on seed varieties in stock or on your growing region. We are happy to customize so please give us a call.  Instructions - There are many ways you can do plant a traditional three sisters garden.  One method is to plant a plot of corn in a square and then plant the beans on the outer square, while the squash is then planted around the beans.  More Detailed Instructions: The Three Sister Gardening collection uses a Native American food production technique called the Three Sisters. It uses Corn, Beans and Squash together in a food production plot. The corn provides support for the beans, the beans provide nitrogen to the corn, and the squash forms a perimeter around the corn and beans helping to protect it. Depending on your bean types you will want to think how you grow the Three Sisters. Enclosed in our collection is a fresh eating Green Bean type of Bean. If you are growing dried beans, you can plant a little differently as we will discuss.  Let’s get started. The ground is warmed up so it’s time to plant your corn. Your corn should be in the center of the patch or against a wall. When you plant your corn its best to try to get 4 rows with 6 being ideal. This may mean a corn patch that is 6 rows with 8 seeds per row. The idea is to help ensure a good cross pollination of corn. If planted in a single or double row you limit pollination. Beans – You should plant your pole beans around the perimeter of your corn when the corn is 1’ tall. You will want your beans to be able to be supported by the corn. When planting, it is important to not have more than 1 bean for every corn stalk. Ideally, I have found it to be 1 bean plant for every 2-3 corn stalks as the beans will branch out. You cannot successfully plant a fresh eating bean in the middle of the corn as you will never be able to harvest it. If you are growing drying beans, you probably can but we limit to around the perimeter. Once you planted your beans, you can sow your squash. Some sow their squash when they sow their corn and that is fine. But do plant your squash 3-4 feet away from the corn. Squash will grow fast and far.  It is ok to move and stake your squash vines as you see fit. The squash is creating a natural border to help deter critters from eating your corn.
Monthly Mystery Seed Collection from $8.99
Looking for that unique gift or just want to be surprised each month, then our Monthly Mystery Seed Collection is for you.  For every month of your selection, I will send you at least 2 different types of seeds. Choose from 1, 3, or 6 months. This will delight new and experienced gardeners alike. Gardeners will get all their packets at one time so they can follow my advice or they can go their own way.  Each Month’s Envelope You Will Receive 2-3 packets, ranging from Flowers, Veggie or Herbs. We stock a wide range of seeds and try to customize it for your location of where the package is going. We will reach out and send a very simple questionnaire to have you answer a few basic questions to ensure we send you a seed variety that will work for you. After you checkout, you will receive an email or phone call asking you to provide some information like do you garden in a yard or large space, or do you garden in a micro setting using mainly pots and planters.  I'd hate to send you 20lb pumpkin seeds when you have a small terrace for your green space.   Or you can message at and let us know what type of garden space this is for. We love to customize it.  If this is a gift for someone, please use the gift functionality during checkout. We can wrap gifts for you or just send a note. We like to help make gifts feel special.  We do ship all seeds at one time but in a separate envelope. This is to save on shipping and in case you wanted to see all the seeds sooner to get them in the ground. When sending 2-3 types of seeds each month, gardeners also like the option of being able to plan their garden. We do offer a Monthly Subscription Giftset where we will send 1 pack of seeds each month. Click here
Kids' Playin' in the Dirt Seed Kit Collection $19.95 $23.95
Our Kids' Playin' in the Dirt Seed Kit Collection includes the 7 of the easiest and tastiest veggies and flowers for kids.  This kit can also be for first time gardeners as well. It is suitable for garden beds or even containers. Your kids will love seeing their hard work payoff. Pretty soon your kids will be asking for more.  It includes one seed packet of each type of veggie listed.  Let us know if the seeds will be grown in a different zone as we match seeds to the climate zone of where it is shipping.  Sugar Snap Peas (no trellis needed) - kids love harvesting these sweet treats Lettuce - you will receive a variety that will thrive in the season you are in Green Beans (no trellis needed) Radishes - Kids love how fast they can harvest these Carrots - Your kids will love to harvest  Seasonal Flowers - You will receive 2 packs of flowers based on the zone and time of year of your order.  Plus some popsicle sticks to mark your garden.  Picture shown is representative of what your order will receive.
Micro Garden Collection, Organic $21.95 $24.95
Out of Stock - The Micro-Garden is ideal for the small spaces such as balconies, window boxes, and other tiny spaces.  Includes 7 heirloom, certified organic and non-GMO vegetable varieties and a Garden Space Utilization Plan! All seed packets are individually packaged. Collection includes: Organic Moskvich Tomato, heirloom  Organic Genovese Basil, (The preferred basil for pesto, sweet with a slight spicy note) Organic Merveille des Quatre Saisons Lettuce, pre-1885 heirloom Organic Bull's Blood Beet, circa 1840 heirloom Organic Chantenay Carrot, heirloom Organic Bloomsdale Spinach, early 1800's heirloom Organic Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash, early 1800's heirloom * There may be some substitutions when necessary. The picture is not representative of the varieties selected.
Organic Salsa Garden Collection $22.95 $24.95
Sold Out, but we carry all the indivudal seed packets- Who doesn't love salsa! Now grow your own with our heirloom seeds from The Living Seed Company.  This collection Includes 7 heirloom, non-GMO and certified organic varieties and salsa recipes. All seed packets are individually packaged. Collection includes: Organic San Marzano, Italian heirloom Organic Cilantro, heirloom Organic Purple Tomatillo, heirloom Organic Green Tomatillo, heirloom Organic Yellow Pear Tomato, long standing heirloom Organic Jalapeno Hot Pepper, heirloom Organic Parade Bunching Onion * There may be some substitutions when necessary.
Organic Pizza Garden Collection $24.95 $26.95
Sold Out but we do sell all the seeds that are included in this combination - Here is everything you need make awesome pizzas and of course amazing salads, side dishes and more.  This collection Includes 9 heirloom, non-GMO and certified organic varieties and pizza sauce recipes. All seed packets are individually packaged. Collection includes: Organic San Marzano, heirloom Organic Yellow Pear Tomato, heirloom Organic Genovese Basil,  long standing heirloom  Organic Purplette Onion, heirloom Organic Bloomsdale Spinach, early 1800's heirloom Organic California Wonder Sweet Pepper Organic Cayenne Hot Pepper, heirloom Organic Italian Oregano, heirloom Organic English Thyme, heirloom * There may be some substitutions when necessary.
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