Love-in-a-Mist "Miss Jekyll" Flower, , Nigella, 1570 Heirloom $3.45 $3.95
The Seed Savers Exchange - (Nigella damascena) First appeared in England around 1570. Some very imaginative folk names include Love-Entangle and Jack-in-Prison. Intriguing striped seedpods dry well. It is hard to resist popping the seedpods when they are green because they pop like little balloons! Self-seeding, hardy annual, 18-24" tall. Characteristics:  Annual plants grow to 6-12 inches tall Soft, tufted flower heads Tolerant of drought and dry conditions Good for ornamental plantings and container growing 250 Seeds per Packet Instructions:  Sow seed indoors 1/4" deep. Plant out after the danger of frost has passed in late spring. Can also be directly sown outdoors 3 weeks before the last frost. Prefers light well-drained soil and will tolerate dry conditions. Start Indoors: 6-8 weeks before the last frost Germination: 15-21 Days Plant Outdoors: 4-6” Apart Light: Full Sun   Firefly Farm & Mercantile may substitute suppliers based on availability
Love-in-a-Mist Mixed Colors Nigella, Organic $3.25 $3.75
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange - An old-fashioned flower from southern Europe sometimes called Fennel Flower because of its nutmeg-flavored seeds. Mixed flowers in shades of blue, pink, white, and purple, averaging 1½ in. in diameter.  Certified Organic  Heirloom  Especially well-suited to the South-East  From Small Farms  Instructions - Annual. Germination: 60°F, 21 days. Full sun. Direct sow after frost since it does not transplant easily. Space 9 in. apart. 75 days. Self-sows readily. Firefly Farm & Mercantile may substitute seed vendors from time to time because of the availability
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