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Bells of Ireland Flower Bells of Ireland Flower In Stock

Bells of Ireland Flower



Seed Exchange - Great conversation piece in any garden. Interesting spikes of green bell-shaped calyces surrounding the insignificant white flowers, quite fragrant. Excellent for cutting; color and shape are preserved nicely when dried. Native to the Mediterranean region. Half-hardy annual, 18-36" tall. Half-hardy annual that grows to 18-36 inches tall Bell-shaped green calyces surround tiny white flowers Very fragrant Great as a cut flower or for drying This variety will grow well in most regions of the United States but prefers cool growing seasons. 250 Seeds Instructions - Sow seeds indoors just beneath the surface of the soil. Transplant when a light...

'Green Star' Large Flowering Gladiolus 'Green Star' Large Flowering Gladiolus PreOrder

'Green Star' Large Flowering Gladiolus

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'Green Star' Large Flowering Gladiolus The 'Green Star' gladiolus will have you stop in your tracks to admire it. The striking green color is a great accent that is perfect for any cutting garden. We provide them in 12/14 cm bulbs (technically corms) so you get the best available. Gladiolus are deer, rabbits, and rodent resistant  Characteristics 48" tall Blooms 60-90 days from the time you plant them USDA Zones 8-10 (Hardy in these zones, lift and store in winter in other zones) Full Sun Bloom Color: Green Additional Information Great for Mass Plantings, Borders, and Cutting Gardens. Great for...

Envy Zinnia Flower - Heirloom Envy Zinnia Flower - Heirloom In Stock

Envy Zinnia Flower - Heirloom



The Seed Savers Exchange - The bright, truly unique semi-double blooms of this heirloom promise to make your flower beds, containers, and border the talk of the neighborhood! This variety’s vivid chartreuse color complements brighter summer flowers with style and harmonizes equally well with soft pastels. These easy-to-grow zinnias reach up to 30" in height, prefer warm weather and full sun, and make a perfect addition to cut-flower arrangements. Beautiful chartreuse color Annual plants grow up to 30 inches tall Semi-double to double blooms Prefer warm weather and full sun Long stems make for a great cut flower New for 2021...

Summer Hyacinth ( Galtonia Viridifloria) Summer Hyacinth ( Galtonia Viridifloria) PreOrder

Summer Hyacinth ( Galtonia Viridifloria)


Summer Hyacinth or Galtonia is a wonderful plant that provides interest and long lasting blooms.  Butterflies and bees love it. Deer, rabbits, and other wildlife just let it be. It is an easy bulb to grow, and easy to store for those not fortunate to be in Zones 7-11 ( I am in the unfortunate crowd).  They are hardy to USDA Zones 7-11 only and will be need to be lifted or protected in other climates.  Characteristics 16-24" tall  USDA Zones 7-11 (Hardy in these zones, lift and store in winter in other zones) Full Sun to Partial Shade Additional Information...



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