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Grape Hyacinth 'Muscari Armeniacum' Grape Hyacinth 'Muscari Armeniacum' PreOrder

Grape Hyacinth 'Muscari Armeniacum'

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Spring borders are abundant with varities of grape hyacinth and ‘Muscari Armeniacum' is one of the most popular and hardy varieties. It naturalizes an area very well and contrasts well with medium tulips  (14-20” tall). Additionally, the blue purple blooms are bold enough to make a stunning arrangement in pots. Our bulbs are sourced from Holland at an amazing 9/10 size. This is a very large bulb which will ensure your bulbs thrive their first year. USDA Zones 3 – 8 Mid-season flowering (late March to early May) Bloom Duration: 3-4 weeks Cold Hardy Full Sun Additional Information Deer, Rabbit,...



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